Accommodation in Faistenau with a long-standing tradition

Our Pension Schierl has an exciting history. Over a series of small steps, it grew to become what it is today: a traditional and open family business with lots of heart and soul.

Nicole is now running the guesthouse in its 4th generation of management together with her husband Robert. And like them, their son Enrico is also turning into a host and welcoming the many regular guests.


The beginnings: from bakery to accommodation in Faistenau

The guesthouse was built in the centre of Faistenau in 1898. 4 years later, Nicole’s great-grandfather purchased the building. This baker from Upper Austria built a bakery in the cellar and later on the ground floor which became very popular in Faistenau and the surrounding area.

In 1950, the grandparents of the current manager took over the running of the building and welcomed their first summer guests from Munich to the Pension Schierl in 1952. Even then, a great deal of emphasis was placed on offering modern furnishings in the rooms. At this time, that meant a wash basin, a jug of cold water and even a chamber pot under the bed!


More space – more ideas

In 1969, Nicole’s uncle took over the bakery and moved it to a newly built neighbouring building. At the same time, Nicole’s mother returned from a one-year trip to France. She helped Nicole’s grandmother to comprehensively re-design the building to offer cosy accommodation for guests from near and far.

In 1988, Nicole’s mother decided to become a member of AUTRICHE PRO FRANCE. Since then, around 40 % of our guests have come from France and French-speaking countries.


Improving on the good things, preserving tradition

Nicole took over the guesthouse in 2000. She grew up with the regular guests at the guesthouse and still knows the names of every single visitor today. She married her husband Robert in 2013. She has dedicated the last few years to modernising the business.

The rooms and entrance area have been renovated, a new common room installed and lots of other changes undertake – large and small.

But of course your host’s warm hospitality and friendly ambience remain the same!

You would like to stay at the Pension Schierl? Don’t hesitate to send us a non-binding enquiry!